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Generate Free Traffic With Your Own Facebook Group

Generate Free Traffic With Your Own Facebook Group

A great way to generate free traffic from Facebook is by having your own Facebook group. When you have your own Facebook group, you are not only in control, but you also increase your authority and influence the members of the group. In order to keep your group members happy, you will need to set your group up the right way.

Choosing Your Group’s Privacy

When you begin setting up your group on Facebook, you will see that you have 3 privacy options available –

1. Open
2. Closed
3. Secret

If you choose to have an open group, anyone will be able to find your group, see who is in the group and what they post, and join your group without your approval. This offers no privacy or exclusivity to the members of your group, which could end up costing you a large number of members. While it may be easier for you to not have to approve every member coming into your group, having an open group leaves you vulnerable to spammers and trolls. And since anyone on Facebook is able to see what is posted in an open group, your members may not feel comfortable opening up. For these reasons, amongst others, an open group is not recommended.

If you choose to have your group set to Closed, only members of your group are able to see what has been posted inside the group. Facebook users can easily search for your group, but they cannot join without making a request that you will have to approve. Other Facebook users can see who is in your group, but they cannot see what has been posted, giving your members a sense of privacy and security. By choosing this setting, members can feel confident that what they discuss in the group cannot be viewed by the entire Facebook world.

While Secret is an option for your group, it is not recommended. Facebook users can’t find your group by searching. They can’t see who else has become a member, or what has been posted, either. If someone wanted to find your group, and doesn’t have a direct link to it, then you risk losing them as a member. They probably will not try more than one or two possible search phrases before they give up and move on to something else.

Setting Up Your Group

When you name your group, you’ll want to include at least one relevant keyword in the name. Try to use the best performing keyword you can find. If you need a good keyword research tool, you can find one here, my gift to you. Remember, users should be able to find your group by using search. That is why getting the right keyword is so important. Let’s say you’re in the weight loss niche. Your group name could be “The Weight Loss Winners Group” or something similar, since “weight loss” is the top performing keyword for the weight loss niche.

You can also add tags to your group. Tags will help identify your group in a search, so you will want to use other high performing keywords as your tags. Next, you want to add a cover photo that is very visually appealing, and add a caption with a strong message, like “Learn how to lose weight and keep it off!”

It is also a good idea to include a photo of yourself. Your ultimate goal is for your members to know, like, and trust you. This will be hard to achieve if you are just a name on a Facebook page. Including a picture of yourself with a warm smile that is professional, without making you appear uptight, you will appear more likeable, and increase your influence over your members.

For the group’s description, make sure that you highlight the benefits of being a member. This will help those who are checking your group out decide whether they want to join or not. Make sure this is accurate, as you don’t want your members to leave because they didn’t get what they were promised. Doing your best in writing the description will help you accrue the maximum amount of members.

Your Pinned Post

A “pinned post” is a post that stays at the top of the group at all times. This is the first post new members see as they join your group. This is a great place to welcome all of your members. You can also use this post to expand on what your group offers. Let your new group members know that the best content available for your niche will be found in your group.

It is a good idea to record a video on Facebook, and add it to your pinned post. The video can be simple, just you, talking about the advantages of being a member of your group, and the benefits that your members can expect to gain. Be confident, and let them know that you are comfortable around them.

Group Content

You want to always encourage your group members to actively post and comment inside the group. To make this as natural as possible, you will want to lead by example. Make sure that what you post is valuable, and that your members will gain some benefit from it. You don’t want to be the only person posting, though. If the group owner is the only one posting content, it just looks strange. So always encourage your members to participate. Let them know from the start that you look forward to learning from them, as much as you look forward to sharing your knowledge, as well.

A really good idea is to poll your members to find out what questions they have. You can do this in the questions you create for members who are asking to join, or even ask in the pinned post for new members to comment their top 3 questions about your niche. You can also make a post that is a poll with a couple frequently asked questions in your niche in general, and allow other users to add poll options with their own questions.

Knowing what questions your members have will allow you to curate content that is as beneficial as it can possibly be. You can give part of the answer in your group, and provide a link to the full answer on your website. You can also compile all of the questions and the answers to them into a Frequently Asked Questions file for your members, including the links to the full answers on your website. These FAQs can also be easily repurposed into a PDF that can be given away as a lead magnet, amongst other things.

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