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How To Create Shareable Content For Facebook

How To Create Shareable Content For Facebook

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users every month, and each of those users has the same secret wish – to get as many shares for their content as possible. If you’re marketing on Facebook, you want as many shares as possible in order to generate as much free traffic as possible, and to extend your reach as far as possible, as people share your content with their friends. Free traffic from Facebook is always nice, but it is even more lucrative these days, with so many people struggling financially, and more and more people turning to the internet with the hopes of generating some much needed revenue. If you want to maximize your chances of your content being shared, but you have no idea how to create content that people will want to share, then this post is just for you. We’ll assume that most Facebook users have around 200 friends (although, in reality, most users have many more). Based on that assumption, even a low 1% response will work wonders for your traffic, since these people have friends on Facebook as well! Follow the advice below, and watch your content spread across the magical land of Facebook.

Use Emotion In Your Posts

It is an inescapable fact that there will be a LOT of competition in any Facebook user’s newsfeed. Everyone wants their posts to stand out, and some will do some pretty crazy things to get other users’ attention. I’m not going to recommend you do anything out of character, or taboo, or socially unacceptable. You can still be what you call “normal” and have your posts stand out. You will need to start out with a compelling title. This is non-negotiable, and essential. The same can be said for using emotion in your posts. If you can get your readers fired up, you can bet your booty they’re going to share that post with their friends.

Some of the most motivating emotional triggers are Fear, Anxiety, Outrage, and Humor. The more you can stir at least one of these emotions in your reader, the higher the likelihood of them sharing your post. This does not mean that you should make something up to scare the living daylights out of people just to try to get likes and shares on Facebook. In this day and age, “Fake News” is seriously frowned upon. And unbeknownst to many, Facebook has added at least one “friend” to your friend’s list that you cannot unfriend, you cannot block, and that you do not know. This “friend” is there for one purpose only – to “fact check” your posts. Now, the sources that Facebook uses to validate information is another discussion entirely, and there my be times that what you post is entirely true, but it doesn’t align with the narrative provided by mainstream media, and Facebook will censor you, but again, that is another discussion entirely. The point is, make sure that you are posting about something that is real and true. Post about your fears for the potential impacts of a certain issue on our future generations. Relay a frightening experience you had with something that is making headlines at the moment. Or, a hilarious experience you had with a trending topic. The point is to be open and honest, and use language that will stir the emotions of your readers.

Have A Strong Call To Action

Having a strong call to action simply means that you need to make it really clear what you want the people reading your post to do. Don’t assume that they will know what to do, because they won’t. If you want the reader to share your post then make this clear to them. You need to literally direct them to share your post. You don’t want to come across as bossy or demanding, though. You don’t want to be like “Now share this post, or else!”.  Instead, you could ask them to think about the friends that they have who would benefit from reading that post, and then tag them in it when they share it to their own page. Or, if your Facebook is set to public, you can ask them to tag those friends in the comments. When the tagged friend reads the post, chances are they will share it to their page and tag more users to it. The gentle art of persuasion is key with every aspect of social media marketing. Your call to action should be strong and clear, but persuasive – never demanding.

Good Images Get More Shares

Facebook is a visual platform, so add images to your posts. This doesn’t mean that you go get a bunch of stock images, and post them all over your Facebook page. Believe it or not, this is a common mistake for a great many marketers. It is so easy to make a striking image with a good caption. If you are not familiar with Canva.com, it is in your best interest to invest some time in learning to use it. Its actually very simple to use, and you can produce stunning graphics for Facebook (and Instagram, or your website, or any other platform, for that matter) without spending a penny or more than a few minutes time.

You’ll also want to make sure that the image you use is related to your post. For example, let’s say that your post is about motivation. You could use an image of a person winning a race, with the caption “You can win your race too”. You wouldn’t want to use an image of a group of friends sharing a pitcher of beer, laughing and cutting up, with a caption that says “Sometimes you just need a good laugh with friends”. That is not motivational at all. It is totally unrelated. Avoid that.

Feature Other People

If you make a post that includes other people, the people included in your post will almost always share your post. Let’s say you interviewed someone who is considered an expert in your niche. Make a post about the interview that highlights the main points of the interview (Pro tip -link to the full interview on your website, so people have to click through for the full Monty) and tag the expert in your post. This will make your post visible to the expert’s audience, and that expert will share your post as well. You could also do a spotlight on a person that you look up to, or who you feel has a lot to offer the world. Any time you create posts that include others, you will increase the likelihood of them being shared.

Make it your business to know who the people are in your niche that your audience really respects. Find them and follow them and make a contribution to their page by adding a useful comment. Invite them to participate in an interview with you. Most people will accept your invitation.
Another good “people” orientated post is the “roundup”. This is where a number of niche influencers have contributed to an article on your website. You can mention their names in your Facebook post, and then provide a link to your article.

Freebies And Giveaways

Last but not least, one of the most effective ways to get others to share your posts, is to reward them for doing so. If you create a post where you are giving away something valuable for free, then this will get shared a lot. People love to get stuff for free, and they will not hesitate to tell their friends about it. The more valuable and appealing the freebie, the higher the likelihood of it being shared. This could be a direct giveaway of an item for sharing, or even just an entry to a giveaway contest, where sharing gets you a chance to win. Just make sure that you are delivering on your promise. You don’t want to tell people that they are going to get something for sharing your post, and then change your mind after they have shared it to their friends, who shared it to their friends, and so on. That is the kind of attention that you don’t want! So keep your word, and deliver them value. This helps to bring attention to your future posts as well, and will do wonders for the amount of Facebook users that click through to your website.

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