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What Are The Best Types Of Facebook Posts?

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What Are The Best Types Of Facebook Content?

The correct answer to this question is and always will be “whatever your audience wants”, but that would make this post super short, so I’m going to give you a few tips to help you out. The type of content that you post on Facebook definitely affects your engagement rates, and the traffic that you get from the platform.

Your Facebook Page

Before we get into the types of content that get the best results, let’s talk about your Facebook Page. Is this as attractive as it can possibly be for your audience? Answer this question by answering a couple other questions.  Is your cover photo relevant to your business or brand, and is it visually appealing? Is your intro captivating? Does it include a link back to your website (including the https://)?

Pay careful attention to your cover photo. If this is poor quality or looks like a 5 year old created it people are going to wonder what is going on (unless of course your business is fostering artistic tendencies in children, lol). If the main components of your Facebook page have visitors questioning whether you’re serious or a joke, you may as well not even bother with posting content, because any visitors to your page will quickly click right back out of it.

High Quality Images

Facebook is a lot like Instagram, in the sense that it is a very visual platform. People want to be be entertained, and they want to see images that are stunning and look well put together. Try to avoid using only stock images. Take pictures of yourself and the people who work with or for you (if there are any).

Adding captions to your images will help drive visitors to your websites. You can create gorgeous photos for your page without holding a PHD in Photoshop. You don’t have to use Photoshop at all. There are free online tools, like Canva, that are super simple to use, and will help you create perfect pictures for your Facebook page (and your websites).

Make sure you are using images that are relevant to the niche you are in. For example, a restaurant owner wouldn’t post images of women’s clothing, and a if you’re in the weight loss niche, you wouldn’t post images of candy or other junk foods. Instead, if you own a restaurant, share pictures of your Chef in action, or pictures of your waiters at a table of smiling guests.

Facebook was literally made for sharing, so break out your camera and start snapping away! Get candid photos, and also professional photos. Your pictures will help tell the world what your brand is, what you stand for, the personality  of your brand, and more. Have fun with it!

Use Native Video

Don’t just stop at photos, though! Every day, Facebook users view over 8 billion videos! Some are from sites like YouTube, some are Facebook live videos, and some are uploaded by other users. People are very entertained by video, and will engage with them almost 100% of the time.

YouTube may be the the largest video platform, but don’t make the mistake of only sharing links to YouTube videos. If you do this, you are going to miss out on a lot of potential viewers. A better idea is to create videos exclusively for Facebook and upload these natively to the platform.

Facebook will always give native videos a higher priority than links to external video platforms.
Facebook users like native videos as well as they do not have to leave the social network to view them.

Create square style videos especially for your Facebook posts. There are several online tools that will help you to do this. As most people use mobile devices to log in to Facebook, square videos just look a lot better in their news feeds.

Short Posts are better

Make your Facebook posts as short as you can. People don’t visit Facebook to read 1,000 word essays. Put those longer posts on your website, then make a Facebook post highlighting the main points. Link back to that post on your website. This will allow the user to click through and read the longer post if they’re interested.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of the types of posts that will help extend your reach and engagement on Facebook. Social Media Marketing can be a very powerful source of free traffic to your websites, if you take your time to learn how to utilize the social networks correctly.

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